IPL 2022 points table is listed by the Times of Sports(TOS) as the leading sports brand of India. Over the years, it has become a landmark in sport in India. It provides a thrilling experience and gives the viewers an adrenaline rush. Many of us are looking forward to all that IPL 2022 cricket match will bring and want to know what teams will be competing for this time around.

IPL Points Table 2022 Rules

The Indian Premier League points table is calculated based on the total number of points that a team has accumulated during the IPL season. Each team must play 9 games in each of their respective group stages to avoid forfeits and make sure that no teams will be elbowed out of the competition.

IPL Winners, Runners List

The IPL winners list shows the team(s) who have won the Indian Premier League in the past. Starting from 2008, the first IPL season, till 2020, the 14th season of the tournament has been completed.The updated Indian Premier T20 cricket League points table IPL 2022 for each year after every game is played is released and is a source of interest for sports buffs across India. The current IPL points schedule features all eight teams that played in the 2020 season and 2 new teams.

IPL 2022 points table

Chennai Super Kings (CSK)0000000
Delhi Capitals (DC)0000000
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)0000000
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)0000000
Mumbai Indians (MI)0000000
Punjab Kings (PBKS)0000000
Rajasthan Royals (RR)0000000
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)0000000
Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)0000000
Gujarat Titans (GT)0000000

IPL 2021 points table

Delhi Capitals141040020+0.481
Chennai Super Kings14950018+0.455
Royal Challengers Bangalore14950018-0.140
Kolkata Knight Riders14770014+0.587
Mumbai Indians14770014+0.116
Punjab Kings14680012-0.001
Rajasthan Royals14590010-0.993
Sunrisers Hyderabad14311006-0.545

IPL 2020 points table

Mumbai Indians14950018+1.107
Delhi Capitals14860016-0.109
Sunrisers Hyderabad14770014+0.608
Royal Challengers Bangalore14770014-0.172
Kolkata Knight Riders14770014-0.214
Punjab Kings14680012-0.162
Chennai Super Kings14680012-0.455
Rajasthan Royals14680012-0.569

IPL 2019 points table

Mumbai Indians14950018+0.421
Chennai Super Kings14950018+0.131
Delhi Capitals14950018+0.044
Sunrisers Hyderabad14680012+0.577
Kolkata Knight Riders14680012+0.028
Punjab Kings14680012-0.251
Rajasthan Royals14580111-0.449
Royal Challengers Bangalore14580111-0.607

IPL 2018 points table

Sunrisers Hyderabad14950018+0.284
Chennai Super Kings14950018+0.253
Kolkata Knight Riders14860016-0.070
Rajasthan Royals14770014-0.250
Mumbai Indians14680012+0.317
Royal Challengers Bangalore14680012+0.129
Punjab Kings14680012-0.502
Delhi Capitals14590010-0.222

IPL 2017 points table

Mumbai Indians141040020+0.784
Rising Pune Supergiant14950018+0.176
Sunrisers Hyderabad14850117+0.599
Kolkata Knight Riders14860016+0.641
Punjab Kings14770014-0.009
Delhi Capitals14680012-0.512
Gujarat Lions14410008-0.412
Royal Challengers Bangalore14310017-1.299

IPL 2016 points table

Gujarat Lions14950018-0.374
Royal Challengers Bangalore14860016+0.932
Sunrisers Hyderabad14860016+0.245
Kolkata Knight Riders14860016+0.106
Mumbai Indians14770014-0.146
Delhi Capitals14770014-0.155
Rising Pune Supergiant14590010+0.015
Punjab Kings14410008-0.646

IPL 2015 points table

Chennai Super Kings14950018+0.709
Mumbai Indians14860016-0.043
Royal Challengers Bangalore14752016+1.037
Rajasthan Royals14752016+0.062
Kolkata Knight Riders14761015+0.253
Sunrisers Hyderabad14770014-0.239
Delhi Daredevils14581011-0.049
Kings XI Punjab14311006-1.436

IPL 2014 points table

Punjab Kings141130022+0.968
Kolkata Knight Riders14950018+0.418
Chennai Super Kings14950018+0.385
Mumbai Indians14770014+0.095
Rajasthan Royals14770014+0.060
Sunrisers Hyderabad14680012-0.399
Royal Challengers Bangalore14590010-0.428
Delhi Capitals14212004-1.182

IPL 2013 points table

Chennai Super Kings161150022+0.530
Mumbai Indians161150022+0.440
Rajasthan Royals161060020+0.320
Sunrisers Hyderabad1610600200.000
Royal Challengers Bangalore16970018+0.460
Punjab Kings16880016+0.230
Kolkata Knight Riders166100012-0.100
Pune Warriors16412008-1.010
Delhi Capitals16313006-0.850

IPL 2012 points table

Delhi Capitals161150022+0.620
Kolkata Knight Riders161050121+0.570
Mumbai Indians161060020-0.100
Chennai Super Kings16870117+0.100
Royal Challengers Bangalore16870117-0.020
Punjab Kings16880016-0.220
Rajasthan Royals16790014+0.200
Deccan Chargers16411019-0.510
Pune Warriors16412008-0.560

IPL 2011 points table

Royal Challengers Bangalore149400119+0.320
Chennai Super Kings149500018+0.440
Mumbai Indians149500018+0.040
Kolkata Knight Riders148600016+0.440
Punjab Kings147700014-0.050
Rajasthan Royals146700113-0.690
Deccan Chargers146800012+0.220
Kochi Tuskers Kerala146800012-0.210
Pune Warriors14490019-0.130
Delhi Capitals14490019-0.450

IPL 2010 points table

Mumbai Indians141040020+1.084
Deccan Chargers14860016-0.297
Chennai Super Kings14770014+0.274
Royal Challengers Bangalore14770014+0.219
Delhi Daredevils14770014+0.021
Kolkata Knight Riders14770014-0.341
Rajasthan Royals14680012-0.514
Kings XI Punjab14410008-0.478

IPL 2009 points table

Delhi Daredevils141040020+0.311
Chennai Super Kings14850117+0.951
Royal Challengers Bangalore14860016-0.191
Deccan Chargers14770014+0.203
Kings XI Punjab14770014-0.483
Rajasthan Royals14670113-0.352
Mumbai Indians14580111+0.297
Kolkata Knight Riders14310017-0.789

IPL 2008 points table

Rajasthan Royals141130022+0.632
Kings XI Punjab141040020+0.509
Chennai Super Kings14860016-0.192
Delhi Daredevils14760115+0.342
Mumbai Indians14770014+0.57
Kolkata Knight Riders14670113-0.147
Royal Challengers Bangalore14410008-1.16
Deccan Chargers14212004-0.467